Sunday, October 28, 2007

the UGLY artstravaganza

Okay here is the long awaited post about my ART show.. it was on October 5th at Barberella Beauty Lounge in Berkeley... It was entitled "Pretty Ugly" and it was a rollicking good time.. here is a visual list of what was shown...and the titles of each..
MONSTER SQUAD 24x36 Acryllic on Canvas

The Deadly Sins....Acryllic

Jesusatan...Pencil Drawing

Suitcases... Acryllic on old hard shell suitcases..

Computer Love...18x 24 printouts on canvas then stretched...

Spacemen on vacation.. Acryllic on old landscape paintings I bought at garage sales.. these have all sold!!! the last one is being put into childs nursery..HA!!