Thursday, March 22, 2007

where the bombs landed...

and the cannons go bang...the tanks go boom...the guns pop shots..but the flower dies...woah that was kind of a puddle.

Bombs Away!!!

to show my softer side I will be putting up some of my "computer" pictures...I know its cheating. but sometimes these things turn out the right kind of ugly we please to enjoy...These were all made using photos I found in books or on the internet..

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sometimes I....

Nuff Said...

Sasquatch and Pete...the early years.

Hi everybody...Ugly here.. Thought i would interrupt the fine programming that "Ugly pictcures for you" has been bringing you..hope you like it. Although i think i am the only one watching this channel...My post today deals with "Sasquatch and Pete" I had an idea which was going to be a boy meets sasquatch, sasquatch and boy have fun 80s teen movie style...but then i noticed a contest from "Cartoon Network" and CCAC (i think) asking for an idea for a cartoon.. so i sent them Sasquatch and pete...the kiddy version.. I got 2nd place..not bad. But the winner was way lame..i am not bitter though.My beautiful wife got Sasquatch tattooed on her arm..and shes way more popular than Cartoon network.. Well lets get you back to your regularly scheduled ugliness.

The Return of the Invisible Mans Neighbor!!!

Don't you hate it when the Invisible guy from next door comes over to borrow sugar and you know, that he knows that you know hes only wearing tighty whiteys??? Do you guys have that problem? Doubtful..

Global Warmth

You know i wanted to stay political and really push the envelope in this blogging thing... So I decided to talk global warming... So i prepared and studied. watched "inconvenient truth" (not true). Set up a power point presentation about my theories.. was really all set to give you the readers my valuable opinions on this heavy duty matter. But as I was heading down to the Ugly studio for the pretty impaired, I witnessed this guy at a BBQ going on in some guys front yard..Woah...maybe I need to reevaluate my stances.. so I took a picture of him and posted it below to give proof that you ladies need to stop using so much Aqua net..

The adventures of Ken

My dad was out walking the moors one soupy night. the hair on the back of his neck stood on end as he heard a noise creeping up on him. Turning around he spotted something that froze his blood... a Robot duplicate of him!!! Oh my friends I wish that were the most chilling part of this story, oh no, it gets worse. It seemed the robots head was transplanted onto a gorillas body!! Fiendish!.. Needless to say my dadd beat a haste retreat. the end?

Monday, March 19, 2007

Smoke Break on Mars

Smoke break on mars.... So finally i got my spaceship out of that asteroid belt..hard work. I spilled a 64oz mountain dew all over my new Hot Rod magazine..great. do you know how hard it is to find those out here in the recesses of space? yeesh. well I at least get to have a KOOL on mars..I find these little breaks to be very refreshing. but few and far between..ever since president joel osment passed the no smoking on designated planet surfaces.. I hated that guys movies..

okay so this is number two...of a million

heres a collection of some people that once lived in my head. But soon I found out they could get out and roam around and then I was a prisoner too what would get squeezed like a toothpaste tube..and not aqua fresh more like nasty Toms roothpaste.ucccch who use this stuff???it tastes like spackel and I know...

the first mint

This is the blog for Super Ugly.. i am a rapper slash artist..or is it the other way around?? I have been told i draw the pretty pictures and I should be showing more here. geez leave me alone now... I will be posting old and new stuff..just anything that crosses my suck it. God I gotta work on my blog skills...but first lets start with the my friend art used to say..I lie I never had a friend named art.. I dont have friends...alright here is a drawing I just did..I watched "Jesus camp" last night and was blown away by what i saw and heard..evangelical xtians are joke.