Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Super Uglys 30seconds to fameland

Here is the sequel to my long awaited footage of me winning the G4 contest.. I am of course elated by the length of time they gave me on G4.. my favorite network..

Diver down

Grant and I (mostly Grant) are working on making toys of this guy.. this was the first drawing I sent him to make the 3d model out of.. I saw the beginnings and it was epic.

monstah mash

heres a new monster.. a friend of mine is hgetting this tattooed on his leg.. what is it with people and them wanting my art on their bodies.. crazy

the long overdue updates..

hi kids.. here are some new drawings I have been working on.. sorry i dont update this more.. but really, I am an artist..
this below me is a drawing for "Revenge of the Turds" a square vinyl.. when I have more info I will post it..

Monday, July 20, 2009

Video of me winning the G4/Dark Horse contest.

Wow I am a huge geek and I think this proves it...

video of me winning the G4/Dark Horse contest.

Click this link to see me get real excited...

I love how my blog won't let me post a video here so please follow the link to see what a huge geek I am when I when a geek contest.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Monsters.. They're just like us...

Here are all the images from my artshow..They are my wonderful monster friends and they do the same brilliantly mundane activities just like us!! i am thinking of making some more and making a book of these guys.. they are some of my best work I have ever done and I am very proud of them..

Good vs Evil

This is one of the best paintings I have done lately.. I was very opposed to selling it. so now it hangs in my house...

Mama loves them street fighting men..

What up my peeps? no really. what up? I aint been blogging for a hinute. cause I am on Facebook and Twitter every damm day.. but I figured I would come by and show some blog love... here are some Stree Fighting Men (and woman) for your behinds..Kee-Yah!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

the wonderful world of UGLY

If you guys have come here by way of Comic Geek Speak.. thanks for the interest.. I am taking commissions for painting and drawing.. please check out some of my paintings they are on here somewhere... if you are interested in commissioned work please email me at either unifiedschooldistrict@hotmail.com or thesuperugly@gmail.com

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wondercon 09 was wonderful..

Thanks to everyone who purchased art from me at this years Wondercon... it was amazing and Dave and I are so stoked about the amount of work we got there... so I am going to post up some pictures of stuff I displayed.. i sold a lot of it.. but still have a few little paintings hanging around...It was good to see all the peeps who came back this year just to get art from me.. and all the peeps who bought my paintings. that really means so much.. and I got a couple of commissions out of everything.. plus sold 5 artbooks!! huzzah!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

well after the Justice League.. now comes the Legion of Doom

I did this as a commission for Adam.. Mellvilles Fist on the Comic Forums.com... He challenged me with this one.. 13 characters!!! So it is ink with pencil... I love it.. want to do more...so hit me up for commissions erybody...