Monday, June 8, 2009

Monsters.. They're just like us...

Here are all the images from my artshow..They are my wonderful monster friends and they do the same brilliantly mundane activities just like us!! i am thinking of making some more and making a book of these guys.. they are some of my best work I have ever done and I am very proud of them..

Good vs Evil

This is one of the best paintings I have done lately.. I was very opposed to selling it. so now it hangs in my house...

Mama loves them street fighting men..

What up my peeps? no really. what up? I aint been blogging for a hinute. cause I am on Facebook and Twitter every damm day.. but I figured I would come by and show some blog love... here are some Stree Fighting Men (and woman) for your behinds..Kee-Yah!!!!